Using my area of expertise, I provide personal fitness training, online fitness programs, and fitness nutrition recommendations to allow my clients to achieve the results they want. Step by step, I take my clients through their fitness journeys in order to make their experience as productive and fun as possible.

      Whether in person at RTP Fitness in Durham or online, my goal is to aid my clients any way I can to make reaching their goals as easy as possible. I do everything in my power to help my clients see results! I've coached hundreds of people successfully through their fitness journeys over the last 5 years, helping people lose weight, firm, tone, get stronger, or train for sport!

      My experience in the world of fitness began when I decided to transform my life and lose 75lbs over 6 years ago. I am a state record setting power lifter, an experienced personal trainer, and I get people the results they want through fun, proven, science-backed exercise programs.

      Whether your goal is fat loss, strength training, building muscle, or sculpting your physique, I am dedicated to helping you see the results you want!

"When I became serious about my health and fitness, there was only one person who I knew could deliver results. Over the past 2 years, Max has helped me transform my body. Through his online programming and nutritional counseling, I learned how to eat, exercise, and train my body. Max was there every step of the way- checking in, offering advise, and further customizing my workout routine and nutrition. He was always happy to answer my questions and provide new ideas that would give me better results; which supplements to take, what to eat, and how to plan my meals were all answered quickly and correctly, allowing me to continue my regimen. Many trainers promise results, but only few can deliver like Max."

- Jeremy P, Online Coaching Client

"Originally I was apprehensive in finding a personal trainer, but Max has made me feel comfortable and confident. Max is knowledgeable, friendly and always encouraging!

He is willing to go above and beyond training sessions, with texts/emails whenever I have questions. An awesome trainer and friend, I would definitely recommend Max to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals, in person or online!!"

~ Jessica S

Ash progress pic.jpg

"One of the best decisions I have made was beginning to train with Max. He far exceeded my expectations as a trainer.

From form, to nutrition and everything in between he has been there with answers and is always willing to put in the extra time to make sure all my questions are answered and accounted for when I am at school and training online.

I am far more confident, not only with myself, but my presence in a gym setting because of Max, and I couldn't be more grateful. Genuine and personable guy."

~ Jack W, Online Coaching Client